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What is Happening in Glenhurst:

The Capital Improvement project approved at the Annual HOA meeting of adding benches by the pavilion has been completed and it came in under the estimated budgeted amount. 

Go by and have a sit for awhile. It will be great for the picnic June 2 and for anyone who wants to use the pavilion for parties!


Glenhurst Community Picnic will be June 2nd at 6 PM.

It will be at the Pavilion on the corner of Glenhurst and 120th.

Great BBQ and great company.

If you would like to help on the 2nd, contact Diana Forest at 302-5282 or email her at

[email protected]


Glenhurst - Sidewalks


 At our annual HOA meeting on February 15 one of the things mentioned was that the sidewalks in front of our homes belong to the homeowner and that they are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain (this was part of the slideshow presentation which is available on our website).  There have been instances where residents have fallen, some requiring medical attention, due to the sidewalks being uneven.  This can lead to potential liability issues for the homeowner.

Thanks to Steve Smith, I have been made aware that there are some funds available through the City of OKC to possibly help with repairing sidewalks and I want to share this information with our homeowners.  The website to determine if you might qualify for funds is:

If your sidewalk is in need of repair due to unevenness or buckling, inquiring about this program may help with the cost for repairs to be made.  Good luck to you if you pursue this sidewalk repair program.

Oklahoma City is under mandatory, year round odd-even watering schedule.Citizens whose address numbers end in an even number may water their yards on even-numbered days and citizens whose house numbers end in an odd number may water on odd-numbered days.  All customers are asked to minimize the potential for overspray onto city streets. Communities that use Oklahoma City water are required to abide by all conservation requirements in the program.

Citations will be issued for water conservation violations in Oklahoma City:
First offense: $202 ($119 plus $83 court costs)
Second offense: $352 ($269 plus $83 court costs)
Third offense: $612 ($519 plus $83 court costs)

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