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We have received several questions from neighborhood residents pertaining to the construction activity at the 118th Street entrance into Glenhurst; specifically, what will it look like when construction is completed. Members of the HOA and I have met with the Developers, First Services, on several occasions. First let me say the office development is in a very fluid state at the moment, as construction is still on-going, and is not expected to be completed until June/July. With that said, the Developer has been a willing partner to ensure our entrance and their office park are as attractive as possible. They also desire having a safe and secure neighborhood including landscaping/beautification. Sidewalks along the north side of 118th and along MacArthur have been poured. They are on the utility easement that extends approximately twelve to fourteen feet north from 118th Street. The Developer has indicated he plans to landscape the area between the office buildings and 118th but that those plans will not be finalized until construction nears completion. He also indicated he will consider installing a  wrought iron fence between his property and 118th Street. Installation of a fence will also require getting a “No Objection” letter from the utility companies along with a “revocable permit” from the City. We are to meet again the first week in June with the Developer and Councilman Stonecipher to discuss fencing and landscaping. If approved, a fence along with associated landscaping would provide security for the Developer’s properties and, we feel, define separation between the commercial property and the neighborhood. We will continue to meet with First Services and will update you as things develop.



Lonnie Eggleston

President, Glenhurst HOA

The slides for the Glenhurst Annual HOA Meeting is located
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Kickoff for the Book Club was a great success and we picked our first book to read!

We will be meeting on the third Monday of every month 7 PM at Betty McAfee's home (5505 NW 120th).

If you would still like to come please contact Carol Stalcup [email protected], 834-9888 (cell)

Oklahoma City is under mandatory, year round odd-even watering schedule.Citizens whose address numbers end in an even number may water their yards on even-numbered days and citizens whose house numbers end in an odd number may water on odd-numbered days.  All customers are asked to minimize the potential for overspray onto city streets. Communities that use Oklahoma City water are required to abide by all conservation requirements in the program.

Citations will be issued for water conservation violations in Oklahoma City:
First offense: $202 ($119 plus $83 court costs)
Second offense: $352 ($269 plus $83 court costs)
Third offense: $612 ($519 plus $83 court costs)

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