Glenhurst ~ 

A Subdivision of Oklahoma City
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As our fiscal year is coming to a close, we are rotating our Board Members. A HUGE thank you to all our 'outgoing' Board Members. 

Now, we are in need of new people for our HOA Board, these are the open Positions:



At Large Position

Newsletter (Committee Member)

If you are interested in joining our HOA Board, please submit a request to our current President ~~ Bill Holloway at

Let's keep our neighborhood thriving with great Board Members !!


There has been some interest in letting our 'younger' residents help out in a few 'jobs' around the neighborhood. If you are interested in helping with dog/cat care, baby sitting, mowing grass, home care, etc. Let Diana Forrest (social committee) know and we will try and get a listing to post here.


Winter Restrictions 

Check your Water Bill

Water Restrictions 

are STILL in effect !!


Things have kinda gotten lost. Please contact Judy and help in this neighborhood cause. With more houses and neighbors moving in, we need more attention to our streets and lighting.

Street Lights

We are still trying to get MORE street lights in our neighborhood. A few of our streets are very dark. A neighbor that lives on the streets that need a light pole will be visiting their neighbors to get a Petition signed for the city. Please welcome that neighbor and help to "light up" our neighborhood !!

Contact Judy Smith for details:

(405) 286-6008