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Don't include popping fireworks at home in your Independence Day celebration plans in Oklahoma City.

Selling, buying, possessing, manufacturing or using fireworks is illegal in Oklahoma City without a permit. Permits are for large public shows operated by professionals, not for families or parties.

Sparklers, snakes, bottle rockets and all other popular fireworks are included in the ban.

Fireworks can cause serious injuries and fires. Oklahoma City’s ban on fireworks has been in effect for more than 30 years.

Violators are subject to a $167 fine plus court fees, and the fireworks are confiscated. Police and the Fire Marshal’s Office enforce the ban.

The yard chosen by the committee for June is the home of 

Andy and Diane Potter

5304 NW 122nd Terrace 

Drive by at your convenience to see their pretty yard.


Got a run-down sidewalk in front of your house? The City could split the cost of repairing or replacing it. 
The Oklahoma City Council voted Tuesday to create the Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program, which allows the City to pay for half of the cost of fixing eligible broken sidewalks. Up to $100,000 in annual funding is available. 
Go to to find more information and an application. City staff will review applications for eligibility. 
The program will complement the 53 miles of new sidewalks built in Oklahoma City since 2013 through programs like MAPS 3 and the 2007 General Obligation Bond projects. 
Sidewalk damage qualifying for the program includes settlement or buckling of more than 1 inch and horizontal cracks wider than 1.5 inches. Sidewalks with sections that are missing or otherwise significantly deteriorated also qualify. 
You can find examples of what qualifying sidewalks look like: 
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WOW !!!

What a day, great SUCCESS !!

Thanks SO much for a fun Day.

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Henry & Dale did some fancy cooking on the grill with 

Chicken, Brisket and Ribs, plus ALL the fixins !

A HUGE Thank You

Be sure and join us for a fun time and meet your neighbors, 

friends and Board Members next time !!

Our Welcome Committee, Mickie Schicht, has asked if there is anyone that 

would help her in welcoming our new  neighbors. 

Please contact Mickie Schicht ~ 286-5468




Year-round Stage 1 outdoor watering restrictions are in effect !!

Odd/Even watering days are mandatory.

First Violation: $119

Second Violation: $269

Subsequent Violations $519, plus $83 per violation in court costs!!

The City of Oklahoma means BUSINESS !!!!!

and this is OUR drinking water.


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A confidential Listing will be made from form entries, with a protected login page.

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