Diana Forrest spoke with a Residential Field Appraiser who was in front of her house the other day. He will be training an new appraiser in our neighborhood for about a week. They will be wearing black or white shirts and they will have a county id badge. Their car is orange with the county logo on the sides. They move from house to house slowly since the appraiser is training a new employee. 


Our Glenhurst Picnic is being held in conjunction 

with the Oklahoma City’s Neighbors Night Out. The 

Neighborhood Alliance team will coordinate with 

the Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma 

City Police Department to have a few firemen and 

policemen visit our event. Target representatives 

may drop by to help out with the picnic. 

Our Picnic was a HUGE success !! 

Over 100 neighbors ate Taco's together.

Here is the Link for Makenna Fields.

She sang beautifully and entertained us all.

Thank You !!

N E W S L E T T E R is now online.



In the last two months, we have had multiple groups and individuals soliciting door-to-door, ignoring the signs posted at the entrance ways to our community. On two separate occasions, I have personally confronted them. In both cases, the individuals claimed they were exempt from Solicitation Laws and continued to work. The second individual was very brash and there were at least two calls to the Oklahoma City Police to report him.

After the second event, I sent an e-mail to MSgt Bob Skalla, our Hefner Police Community Relations Officer. His response was the individual or group is authorized if they have registered with the city and display a valid identification. Sample click here.

Even though they are authorized, as individual citizens:

    1.  You do not have to open the door for anyone soliciting. 

    2.  If you feel threatened or if the individual does not have the proper identification, you should call the Oklahoma City Police.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Steve Smith

Glenhurst Neighborhood Patrol


Water Restrictions 

are STILL in effect !!

Be sure to water ONLY on

your day. 

EVEN number on EVEN days.

ODD number on ODD days.


Street Lights

We are still trying to get MORE street lights in our neighborhood. A few of our streets are very dark. A neighbor that lives on the streets that need a light pole will be visiting their neighbors to get a Petition signed for the city. Please welcome that neighbor and help to "light up" our neighborhood !!

Contact Judy Smith for details:

(405) 286-6008


Updated Patrol Training Schedule

listed on Security Page

October 21, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

We have a neighborhood Directory that is used for our Patrol Members. Please email your CONTACT information to Glenhurstweb@gmail.com to update your information. This could mean your house being saved from an uninvited intruder.