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The HOA of Glenhurst is in need of 1 positions on the Board. 

This are volunteer positions, and help our Glenhurst community.

If you can help, please contact Steve Smith at (405) 286-6008, President. 


*Secretary -  Taking notes during meetings, helping the President. 

(This position will be temporary until the Annual Meeting in February, 2016)

*Helper for the Welcome Committee -A big THANK YOU to Glenda Hamilton for helping with this volunteer position !!

Steve Smith ~ Security Patrol. Is still in need of MORE helpers. Check out the Security Page for information and how to contact Steve.

The yard chosen by the committee for July is the home of 

David and Vickie Coffman

 5208 NW 120th  

WOW !!!

What a day, great SUCCESS !!

Thanks SO much for a fun Day.

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More Pictures have been added, check them out.

Henry & Dale did some fancy cooking on the grill with 

Chicken, Brisket and Ribs, plus ALL the fixins !

A HUGE Thank You

Be sure and join us for a fun time and meet your neighbors, 

friends and Board Members next time !!


PET REGISTRY FORM is now online. Click here.

A confidential Listing will be made from form entries, with a protected login page.



Year-round Stage 1 outdoor watering restrictions are in effect !!

Odd/Even watering days are mandatory.

First Violation: $119

Second Violation: $269

Subsequent Violations $519, plus $83 per violation in court costs!!

The City of Oklahoma means BUSINESS !!!!!

and this is OUR drinking water.


A New Page has been added with 

Oklahoma City Information. 

Check it out !!