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Walking Path Construction

Construction on the Walking Path around the pond is set to begin by Mid September 2020. No completion date has been set at this time.  We will provide updates as construction continues!!

Thanks everyone!!

Glenhurst Board Meetings

7:00 PM

The Glenhurst Board meeting will be held at the Glenhurst Pavilion. The meeting start time is returning to the normal 7:00 PM as the temperature is not to be as hot.

If you plan on attending the Board Meeting, please bring your own lawn chair. We will ensure to practice Social Distancing by keeping at least 6 feet distance between each attendee. If you are unable to attend the meeting, as always the meeting minutes will be posted on the website within a few days following the meeting.

Thank You

**Friendly Reminder**

The weather has been absolutely fantastic. It’s great seeing so many friends and neighbors out enjoying the weather, running, riding bikes or taking their dogs for a walk and enjoying the fresh air.

As the number of people walking their dogs has increased, so has the reported incident of dogs off leash, or owners not properly disposing of their animal’s solid waste while out on walks. Please be respectful of not only the homeowner, but everyone who is walking through the neighborhood and ensure to dispose of your pets waste.

It also does not go unnoticed to the many pet owners who consistently dispose of their pets solid waste, and we thank you!

Let’s all come together, neighbor helping neighbor and continue making Glenhurst a great community.

Thank You So Much

 "What's Going On?"

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