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What is Happening in Glenhurst:

- The Covenant Corner Newsletter is on the HOA Covenants Page

- The HOA will not respond to anonymous letters.  Residents must be identified in communications.

- For any of our Glenhurst residents who would want to reserve the pavilion for parties or events, here is the Pavilion Res/Useage Policy:

Annual Glenhurst Board Meeting

The Annual Glenhurst Board Meeting will be held on February 19, 7 PM, at the Northwest Library in Room A.

Refreshments will be served.

Thank you to Jerry Stearns for providing the most delicious homemade cookies!!!

The 2019 Budget is located under the tab Glenhurst Meetings and will be voted on at the meeting

See you there!
How are our Annual Glenhurst HOA dues spent, where does the money go?

Some residents have from time to time asked especially on social media "How are our Annual HOA dues spent, where does the money go?"  

The Glenhurst Annual HOA dues are $240 per year, are billed in December for the ensuing year and due by January 1, AND have not been increased since the inception of the Glenhurst Subdivision back in 2005!  I wonder how many other HOA's, with Common Areas as well maintained as ours, have not had any increase in Annual dues since their beginning?

Our budgets for 2017 and 2018 had about the same percentages of the budget for our three major Expense categories and for the Net Increase of Funds From Operations:  They were Grounds 35%, Utilities 13%, Miscellaneous 20% and Net Increase Funds From Operations 32% totaling 100%.  

There are some differences with these previous percentages compared to our Proposed Budget for 2019:  Grounds 42.7%, Utilities 10.5%, Miscellaneous 20.2% and the Net Increase of Funds From Operations 26.6% totaling 100%.  Just as with our personal yard maintenance and with our HOA's ageing Irrigation and Sprinkler System, I don't think it should be unexpected to have an increase with the Grounds category.

The HOA has used monies from the Reserve Funds to fund Capital Improvement Projects for our Community.  These completed projects were the Pavilion including picnic tables and benches, the Sidewalk between 120th and 122nd Terrace and fencing at 118th by the new Office Park.  

I have only been a resident of Glenhurst for two years but it appears to me that all those residents, who have "Voluntarily" served on the HOA Board of Directors, have been very good stewards of the HOA Funds.

Bruce McAfee, Glenhurst President

Oklahoma City is under mandatory, year round odd-even watering schedule.Citizens whose address numbers end in an even number may water their yards on even-numbered days and citizens whose house numbers end in an odd number may water on odd-numbered days.  All customers are asked to minimize the potential for overspray onto city streets. Communities that use Oklahoma City water are required to abide by all conservation requirements in the program.

Citations will be issued for water conservation violations in Oklahoma City:
First offense: $202 ($119 plus $83 court costs)
Second offense: $352 ($269 plus $83 court costs)
Third offense: $612 ($519 plus $83 court costs)

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